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Software MicroSystems SMS Shuttle Design/Build (1981-1982)

First (non-business) personal computer with an INTERNAL hard drive, and,

first personal computer to run 3 Operating Systems: Apple OS, IBM OS & CP/M

Commentary - Privacy and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (1988)

Aldus Pagemaker Beta work with first Apple Laserwriter on the East Coast (1984)

ClinicMaker (1989) - Patient Centered, Billing in the Background, Medical Record System

Designed to be easy to use for Doctors, Nurses and Staff

Included a Medical History Wallet Card for Patients

U.S. Domain Name Consortium (1996)

MailFarm, CityMail & U.S.Mail

Automated Registration & DNS Management

Violet Lights (2001)

Visual Realty Exchange (1987)

Gateway Transponder (1996)