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deStijl Furniture Group - Packed-Flat Inversible Planes

Designer Wheels - Fine Furniture for Wheelchair Users

Emergency Shelters (1955-1997) - Rotomold Emergency Tiny Houses

House Design & Construction Management - City Historic District Home

House Design & Construction Management - Rural Silo Home

House Design & Construction Management - County Lakeside Home

With Forest & Lake Stories

Commercial/Industrial Buildings Sketched & Built - Long Island

Construction Management - Manhattan Luxury Condo

Hybrid Vehicle Sketches & Proposals (1977)

A story of the "Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Development Act of 1974"

Personal experiences decades later with the Leaf & the Niro

SafetyBox Secure Data Archiving System with a Autonomous Carrier Warehouse Design (2002)

Knowledge Pod Drawings (1964)

Magnetic Tube Subway Drawings (1963)