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Target audience: College

☘ The Stewardship Redemption

Article - Climate & Health Emergency Proposal (2019-2020). Follow the money. A straightforward method for putting health and the environment first. Sustainable Cooperativism and the untraded "EarthUnit"

☘ Of Avarice and Sorrow ~ Velociraptor Capitalism and the Sustainability Challenge

Manuscript - Social Commentary (2002). The spectrum of climate change and the entanglements creating this emergency.

☘ The Light Makers - A Round Table Story

Manuscript - Fiction (1998). SciFi/Young Adult - Time travel, nuclear physicists, beat poets, bicycling, and, of course, murder...

☘ Aquatica '95

Swimming & Small Craft Trade Show Brochure and Graphics (1995). Continuing eduction - Aquatica Academy.

☘ Noam Chomsky's Washing Machine

Play (1974). A DancePlay in Six Movements by Peggy Moberly & Alby Chrisbach

☘ The Woolrich Poems

Poetry (1973). Assembled for the Cornell Woolrich Writing Fellowship competition at Columbia University (Won)

☘ School Poems

Poetry (1974). Assembled for a Stanford Writing Fellowship (Lost)

🍁 The Joey Chronicles

Story (2018)

🍁 The Bell Tower - A Round Table Story

Murder Mystery in NY

🍁 California 2000

Water Quality Report (1981). Charles Warren (oh, my pal, sorry to see you go) assembled the giant environmental compendium, Global 2000, as Jimmy Carter's first Chairman of the Council on Environmental Quality, 1977-1980. This California 2000 text of 1981 was intended to be Charles Warren's projection for California. The project stopped when Jerry Brown left the Governor's Office. I wrote this text from graduate student research at UC Davis.

🍁 The Belief Predicate

Operational Mechanics of Ideational Herding

*Note on printing the manuscripts above: If you would prefer to read the books in print instead of as PDF's on the screen, you may print a copy for yourself. The pages are setup as 'spreads'. Printers vary and every software version for that printers changes. If your printer has a Paper Handling option where the printer can scale pages up or down automatically, this is the best setting - test a page first. Otherwise test one page at 100% before printing the whole book. If the page numbers appear on both sides of the spread then your printer isn't cutting off any text. Otherwise try 98% or 95% in "Page Setup." If your printer can print both sides of the page this is correct. For instance, The Light Makers is about the length of common paperback fiction books - 256 pages. Since the book is setup as spreads, two sided printing would use only 64 sheets of 8.5 x 11 paper.